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Time:11:01 am
Well, here i am. I'm to continue from yesterday. Now, with full detail.
last you knew, sam was dating mike, and she hates me. well its more complicated than that.

Ok, backtrack here. I hit mike during 5th period. and well, I don't know...
Well, I went to lunch, and being mad at them, I went to go talk. Now, At first, i didnt talk to sam&mike. i went to alex first... We talked a bit, and he said some things about sam, and me...
Finally, i went to sam. she tried to avoid us... She knew i was mad...
Well, she finally sat down and listened...after we talked to mike. I said some things to her... some very personal things... I had told her [me]: sam! ok, i love you, why would you do this. I always tell, you, i try and show you, but the fact that I love you only makes you go out and date my friends, when we dont even break up!"

Well, this isn't right. See, this is where i fucked up BIG time! i walked out of lunch a little later, and thought everything was good, and i had setlled my problems...
that means im done here...

WRONG! I had not, i actually made it worse!! Sfter yelling, going to my next class, i talked to alex... He had said that sam is now crying... Good job there... I love her, try to make things better, and get her back... but i make it worse. lose her more, while she hates me.

Finally-going to art. I see her crying her eyes out. Why else... ME! the dumbass who loves to much!
I ask her whats wrong, and she says what do you think!
Stupidly, i actually say, I dont know... Becuaase, thats how i got her before, because Im sweet funny, and nice. but now, she thinks of me and mean, an ass, and a dumb-fuck!

Well, is tis the way to get back the girl you love... no...
Now, i think she'll bounce back because she does alot... I told her that i'd do anything for her... and i would. I told her "sam, don't you remember the shit i did, just to be with you"? I went out with daniell schrom! just so i could be with sam!

She was some-what happy... not enough tho...
shit... What was i to do...

I tried to talk to her, but she just told me to leave, and stop talking to her...
Not good. Becuase, I did ask her back out... Dumb thing, right after i yelled at her... She had said "That you know what adam, I loved you, and I probably would, but after that, I don't know what to think. If you loved me, you should've said so, not go and hit my boyfriend!"

Yep... I fucked up... she had said herself that she lovED me lovED, not she does, she DID! She now hates me. And i cant help it. I still love her.
Now... The bad part is... well, SHE WON"T BELIEVE ME WHEN I TELL HER CONTINUOLSLY i love you... She tells me, well, if you love me, why did you hit him. And I tell her, It is becuase I love her...

I'm not doing good here...
Nothings working and she hates me...Now, I've lost the one I love...
and... I can't do anything about it.
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Time:2005-01-31 12:24 pm (UTC)
Ya kno what..... I have one thing to say to that.......


I think i should get a song stuck in your head!!!!! see how much you like it!!!!!! 2 days now!!!! 2 fuckn days!!!!!!!!!

yeah well w.e. i need to tlk to you!

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::blank2:: - ARGGH ME MATIES!
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